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We deliver healthy food for every kind of events. It could be a company breakfast, team lunch, a special brand event, a shooting, film production or a celebration. Our specialities are healthy, beautiful finger food creations, nutritious lunches and energizing breakfast treats!

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Healthy catering

in Berlin - and events all over the world.

Do you want to live the best version of yourself, to discover your true potential and to achieve your life goals? Do you want to be healthy, satisfied, energized, self-confident and joyful?

Start to take care of yourself, your body, mind and soul! Your holistic daily routine is the key to your unique inner strength. 

Our mission is to inspire as many people as possible for self-empowerment, to discover the own potential and to help to live a better lifestyle: healthy, motivated, powerful, beautiful, joyful, balanced, mindful.

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healthy food.

We started our journey as a day restaurant for gluten-, sugar-, meat free food and a space for inspiring positive mindset events, workshops for bodywork like pilates and yoga. Now you can find our delicious food products, events, order our healthy treats as a catering. We can cook for your event or retreat everywhere in the world.

Meet our founder:

Anna Verkhorubova

Anna started AVOCAI food and pilates back in 2017. The idea of AVOCAI was a long journey. As a child Anna was very sick, had to eat diet food and was not allowed to do sports. As she was a teenager she and her mother decided to replace the medication to plant based medicine, to change her nutrition and to play tennis doesn’t matter what doctors said. This decision saved her life and changed her mindset.

During her model career she startet to try different nutrition styles and workouts. In these times she discovered Pilates, made her instructor license, practiced and started to create her own gluten-, sugar- and meat free dishes in Paleo style. Also meditation became step by step an important part of her daily routine. 2014 she traveled for the first time to Bali, spent time in Ubud – Ashram, created AVOCAI concept and found courage to launch the business in Oktober 2017 in Berlin.

After challenging beginning AVOCAI day restaurant became successful and famous for it’s home created and handmade clean eating treats. In these times Anna and team created delicious food products, developed catering and events.

We would like to reach and to inspire as many people as possible to join a healthy, happy, balanced lifestyle club from everywhere and any time. We’re only getting started on our journey and are happy to share it with YOU.

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